BOOM – Love 11


This morning my sister in law Hema sent me a kind little message as is her way. This got me thinking how extra special she is.

You could not meet a more loving person and in many ways she is very like her own dear mother.

We first met in 1987 when Krishna and I had come to the USA for work and we immediately clicked.

We got very close when we lived in Connecticut. Hema and her late husband Deena and their daughters lived just three hours drive from us in Massachusetts so we saw each other often. When there was a holiday weekend they’d all come and stay with us as we had the big dogs at that time. What laughs we had with those puppies and what fun going to yard sales and cooking together. Often we’d laugh so much we would be in tears.

We took to calling each other every Sunday evening just for a check in and this continues today.

Hema now lives with her eldest daughter and her husband in New Jersey and her youngest daughter is close by too. This means we only get to see each other once or twice a year as it’s a nine hour drive from here. Still it feels so good to know we are all in the same country within reachable distance.


Hema is so good to her two girls and her son in law and they to her. The four of them do lots of fun things together like annual camping trips. She loves plants and nature so very much appreciates going out to parks and gardens too.


What I love most about Hema is her patience. When she cooks she’ll chop the veggies so tiny and meticulously whereas I can’t be bothered and just hack them up. She’s a great vegetarian cook and blends spices so perfectly. Each dish is so well balanced and to my delight often really hot!

When she comes here or we go there she’ll have taken the time to make all our favorite things. Desserts for her brother and spicy snacks for me. The love showered on us simply adorable and comes to us straight from her heart!

Blessing # 612 – Sweet Sis

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