BOOM – Love 12

When I woke up at four thirty this morning the only thing on my mind was taxes. We had a call with the accountant scheduled for nine and even though the person is lovely and helpful the thought of what lies ahead with all those piles of papers drives me nuts.

Activity is the best way to get rid of imminent frustration so after Aaron left for school and Scooby had his walk I took to cleaning.

Our friend Laura and her daughter are coming to spend the night with us tomorrow. Fortunately they are not the sort of people who expect to find the place pristine otherwise they’d never come but just in case they venture into the basement it was attacked first. Aaron spends a lot of time there so it has a definite Eau Sauvage! That’s the dead sock  buried perfume not the Dior!

After the nine o’clock call there was no stopping me. Cleaning doesn’t grab me often but when it does I’m on a roll and you better get out of the way.

It was the first time Scooby encountered this mania. It’s not that I have done absolutely nothing since he arrived in September but he hasn’t seen any fine detailing before today. His little look of curiosity with the head tilted to one side then the other was precious.

He spurred me on so much that the skirting boards got a going over and even those nasty little bits between the spindles on the banisters got a squirt of Kaboom!

Nothing will ever make me love this cleaning business but what I really LOVED very much today was my little helper. He followed me everywhere and by the time I got really sweaty and was on my knees doing the fiddly bits he got down beside be and started licking my back. It must have been nice and salty because he kept up the good work till I was done.

No picture of that to prove it just one very sleepy boy who is out for the count on the couch.

Now if we could only train him to put that tail of his to use and do some of the jobs himself he’d get more than a chewy we’d have to get him a really big bone!

Blessing # 613 – Puppy Pupil

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