BOOM – Love 13


Yesterday was National Love Your Pet Day so social media was coming down with cute and funny pics of critters.


Most posts, like the Obama’s, were beautiful yet quite conventional.

Others had little video showing just how clever their pets are. The one I like most was the best beggar.

Those entering pet parenting often start with a goldfish, as I did at aged three, and then progress to birds before hitting the heady  heights with a cat or a dog or if you were excessively lucky a pony!

In days gone by if you lived on a farm or small holding like my Mom you may have had a pet goose or a lamb. Alas the lifespan of such lovelies was limited!


Today though it’s not unheard of to have a pig as a pet. Most are pretty small and potbellied but not all. Take Esther The Wonder Pig as an example. She is adorable and someone to follow to see what love is all about.


She absolutely adores her Dads and you gotta see all the love they give her in return. She works so hard on changing the world for good and on napping. Check her out for some feel good vibes when you have a chance. I love her so!

If there was one pet I’d love to have though just to hang around with it’s a sloth. They are so odd yet so engaging.


Maybe that’s why I just can’t get enough of our Scooby. There is a slight resemblance don’t you think?

Blessing # 614 – Funny Faces

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