BOOM – Love 14

You all know the saying “it was the cherry on the cake”. Well for the past three days I’ve encountered lots of cherries!

For our Lily Circle meeting on Thursday one of our group Mickey had baked some absolutely delicious little cherry morsels. Everyone was so taken with them we all asked for the recipe.

They’re of Amish origin and involve a lot of fine work to make but man are they good. Might give them a try some day when I’m working on building patience.


Yesterday Laura and her daughter arrived bearing armfuls of gifts as always and along with this a box of pastries that were huge! None of these were cherry but they were washed down with a nice bottle of what else but Cherry Blossom Pinot Noir!


Today it was the second team meeting for our next Kairos weekend and once more a baker extraordinaire hit the jackpot with what else but a Cherry Pie. Perfect pastry, tart yet sweet and not at all gummy or sticky!

Funny how good things always come in threes! Don’t you just love it when you couldn’t make it up!

Blessing # 615 – Casual Connection

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