BOOM – Love 16

Monday’s definitely not my favorite day of the week. This dates back to school when we had double maths in the morning and triple physics in the afternoon. Mortal! Talk about lasting damage!


The only thing that kept me going was the prospect of the Waltons on TV in the evening. Oh John-boy!!!

Today I was particularly miserable. It was grey outside and I didn’t feel good. No sneezing or sniffles but just generally blah! Seriously wondering is it psychosomatic as my goal was to get stuck into those tax papers.


To cheer myself up I decided I’d have a nice soak with a bath bomb but the stupid thing just oozed out pink color and never did explode.

I’ve eaten nothing but junk and am  mopping around like a monster but Scooby still loves me.

We women are lucky in some ways if we’re feeling yuck we can slap on a little more Clinique and up the ante on the mascara.

Now there’s the one and only thing I did love about today my new Falsies Lash Lift. This stuff works like a dream! If you haven’t tried it yet get down the shops tomorrow!!!

Blessing # 617 – Maybelline Magic

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