BOOM – Love 17


It’s shrove Tuesday and by rights we should be eating pancakes at Church. Instead, since it’s Aarons day off, we are having a family outing to a new restaurant called Aladdins at his request.

Its next door to where he works and very trendy. There is also the draw that one of his best friends works there and so do lots of good looking young ladies!!!!.


The decor is lovely and what’s most interesting is they are catering to all the new diet trends like keto, high protein and gluten free. They have very fine cutlery that gives it a high star rating for me and the napkins are recyclable. All in all all in Millennial!


We each had something different so we could taste and try. Yummy. Especially loved their hot sauce.

Wouldn’t recommend anyone coming too close tomorrow though as they may be overcome by even more garlic fumes than normal!

Blessing # 618 – Arabian Knights

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