BOOM – Lent 1

Fasting if you hadn’t noticed is getting a lot of press. It’s the latest weight loss trend. Not sure it’s a good one but maybe works for some.

Fasting is as old as he hills and practiced in all religions. Today is the start of we Christians longest fast Lent!

Historically this was treated very seriously and people had only one meal a day. Today it’s more of a personal challenge rather than a community event.

Since it lasts forty days it’s a good time to break old habits. They say it takes about six week to form a habit so six weeks abstinence should help restore a soul back to its original state! That would be about seven pounds off please!

My usual downfall happens when  I’m watching TV of an evening and ice cream finds it’s way into a bowl or peanuts pop into my palm.


Recently breakfast has been torpedoed too with Aaron bringing gone all these pastries and baked bombs.

So it’s off with the added sugar, desserts, snacks and all yumminess. As Aaron wisely said yesterday we’ll see how long that lasts!

When it’s a challenge though it’s easier to stick to don’t you think than just telling yourself your going to do it! Very purifying! Some limits though to what a body can bear!

Blessing # 619 – Clean Up

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