BOOM – Lent 2

This morning just after five we got a call from school to announce a two hour delay! This was fortuitous for a certain young man who had worked a full day yesterday and needed some shut eye as we all did.

So alarm off and back to sleep till seven. There wasn’t much snow but it was like Siberia when Scooby and I stuck our noses out for his job.

No sooner were we back in and Aarons lunch made than the phone rang. School cancelled for the day! Well at least lunch is done for tomorrow.

After Zumba I hid myself in the basement with Scooby and got on with the tax. Aaron slept and Krishna ripped up paper! Such was the progress that all the planned tasks for this week were completed a day ahead of schedule.


So when my friendly Irish voiced cyber helper asked me what he could do for me I was a tad abrupt with him. He got the message and for thé first time I realized it’s written as a message too!

Just as I was reflecting that perhaps the lack of sugar was starting to show already the door bell rang and There stood a young man with a big bouquet of flowers. Better still another lay in a huge box on the door step! Was the cypher hunk really that sorry?

Well no. They were both from our dear Patricia in Switzerland who had tried to send flowers for my birthday last week and they didn’t arrive. Well they sure arrived today in abundance and are divine!

Blessing # 620 – Sweet Surprises

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