BOOM – Lent 3

Today started out beautiful but the north wind soon returned and put my poor daffodils in deeper jeopardy.

The little buds are well through the ground let’s hope this doesn’t stamp them out after all their early efforts.

After a coffee and chat this morning with my buddy Lori I did a little house hunting. A sweet but sad looking little home has been on my mind. Built in 1901 it’s seen better days but after a roam around today and a peak through the windows I’m going to arrange a visit inside. What do you think of it? Isn’t it kinda cutzy cottagie?

Fired with plans the next stop was Restore to look for ideas and bargains that might work for this flip and then on to Goodwill for some treasure hunting.

Found a few little lovelies but also had an embarrassing incident. When I turned over one item it turned out to be two! The top came crashing to the ground. Absolutely mortified but what can you do except say sorry and make a fast retreat.

By now the appetite had been well wet and as luck would have it today was the first of the famous Friday fish fries held throughout lent by our local Catholic Church.

We got there at five thirty and already five hundred people had arrived. By the time we left the number had risen to close to one thousand. It’s such a great community feel and no wonder so many turn out you just cannot beat piping hot fish and chips with all the trimmings you can eat! Liking Lent a lot!

Blessing # 621 – Smashing Stuff

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