BOOM – Lent 4


When we were out yesterday for our constitutional one of our neighbors stopped her car and rolled down the window.

All smiles she asked me « how’s Scruffy doing ». Scruffy indeed! Scooby was deeply offended!! So it was this morning, when the others were sound asleep, we got out the comb and started to untangle a few knots.


It’s a painful process so it was rewarded with a car ride which is high on Scooby’s most favorite things list. We had to make a run to the local free store as Aaron had again brought back a big box of buns last night.

As we were driving we shared secrets. Mine was that I’m starting to get a Marie Antoinette complex delivering all these cakes. He said not to worry since they all have French names people would understand and not be offended! He just begged that when it come to hairstyles any inspiration from her majesty was to be avoided.

We took a spin past the little cottage and he advised it was too much for a Queen to undertake and the area was not up to scratch since there were no pooches at all to be seen.

Under his guidance though we sniffed out a delightful hidden treasure of a neighborhood also close to the town center. That will be our focus from now on!

All we need to do is find the right Scruffy and give it a lick of paint and gloss!

Blessing # 622 – Groomers Guide

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