BOOM – Lent 5

After being spoiled all of yesterday with treats of all sorts the four pawed persona is in the dog house.

On Sunday morning when we go out early there are few other souls around so armed with rewards it’s our best chance to be free to practice stay and come.

No sooner were we out the door than the lad took off into the yard and despite much enticement he stayed where he was put and totally refused to come.

He was digging into a pile of deer poop! All those lovely crunchies in his bowl and a big Beggin Bacon Strip in my pocket and he wants that! No kisses today thank you very much.

Feeling in need of a treat after the trauma a trip to Half Priced Books was called for. It had been on my mind, since watching the series on PBS, to see if they happen to have the DVD of the Forsyte Saga and bingo they had just one copy!

The thought of tucking into a mammoth session was so appealing it spurred on the change of season.

Down with the Chinese decor and up with shamrocks and bunnies!

Blessing # 623 – Springs Sprung

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