BOOM – Lent 6

This morning on TODAY a world renowned virologist came to the studio to explain about COVID-19.

His message passed straight over my head as I was so distracted by how much he looked like my Dad!

It was like he was paying me a visit from heaven! Don’t you think they look like clones?

My friend Patricia believes we all have twins walking around who look just like us but are totally unrelated. Since she introduced me to her theory I’ve been on the lookout and have to say it’s proven true with examples like todays.

There are some fabulous photos out there of COVID-19 like the one above with the contrast! Helps explain how Coronaviruses got the name. You can clearly see the little crowns or Coronas!

Side by side with the influenza virus, a orthomyxoviridae, you can see small but subtle differences. A bit like that doc and my dad.

Regardless, a few reflections!

One, don’t try saying orthomyxoviridae if you’ve had a few beers!


Second, save the masks for those who need them.

Third, for the love of all that are dear to you wash your paws please!


Finally, put things in perspective and remember that while we worry about this more than three million children are still dying each year of malnutrition. That’s more than 8000 a day more than 300 a minute!

Blessing # 624 – Soap and Sensibility

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