BOOM – Lent 7


There is no doubt spring is here. The grass is getting greener by the second. The deer are in heaven grazing on all the sweet new shoots.

They clearly haven’t given up on our yard for lent. Nothing fazes them not even super crazy barking. They’ll be up at the door step soon!

The birds are also going bananas the amount of singing is sensational. From one day to the next they have gone ballistic but it sure sounds happy and good.

Spring also brings its dangers. Last night we had our first bad thunderstorm of the season. Fortunately Scooby seems totally immune to the noise unlike his predecessor. He just slept away.

We had no damage just a lot of ponding but the poor people of Nashville really suffered badly last night. So much destruction and so many lives lost. Very scary indeed.

After the storm the wind brought us bright blue skies so a long walk was in order. To our delight we found the first snowdrops blooming. Definitely promises fulfilled and no turning back now!

Blessing # 625 – First Flowers

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