BOOM – Lent 13


Back in the early 1980s I fell deeply in love with a coat. It was a faux fox fur from a shop called Wallis. For weeks on end after college I’d go at least one day a week and try it on. It was so expensive for the time £80.

Now who knows how but my Mom got wind of this, I suspect a certain Miss Carol Braithwaite may have been involved but the result was the coat was mine for Christmas.

Well as they say in Ireland when I was wearing that I thought I was no goats toe. It lasted for years too and had many adventures but that’s a whole different story.

The reason it came to mind today was that when out for our walk this afternoon Scooby spotted his big buddy Enzo in the distance and Enzo also spotted Scooby.

We caught up with the gentle giant and the boys had some fun while their humans discussed grooming challenges.

That’s when it struck me our Scooby is an exact replica of my coat. Just look at the colors! Absolute perfection!


Is that why I loved it so? Did I know that at one point a little love bug would come into my life and snuggle me better than any fur!

Blessing #631 – Destiny Dog

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