BOOM – Lent 14


Scooby got lucky. We had pretty much rain all day long but each time we needed to make a pit stop it stopped! Frizz free furry!

Yesterday in the sunshine the kids round the corner had written a lovely sign in chalk across the entrance to their driveway.

It was perfect. Wonder how many times they tried before they got it just right! In any case hats off to them for the fine work and to their parents for giving them good old fashioned material to mess around with. Alas it’s now washed away!


We all know the old saying about making the most of every opportunity and the current corona virus spread does underline just how precious our health really is.

It’s hard to imagine what the people of China, Korea and Italy  are going through. Here in Ohio we had our first confirmed cases just yesterday. Quickly out governor took steps to protect us all.

Really we must appreciate and admire him for the precautions he is putting in place like remote classes for colleges.

This will touch us all in different ways, it’s perhaps an inconvenience but it’s for the common good. Yes, it can impact our carefully laid plans. There may be things we’d like to do, go to that sports event or concert or a big party but there will be other days for that. The sun will shine and we will make hay again. In the meantime we take care and share the soap!

Blessing # 632 – Spreading Care

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