BOOM – Lent 15

With the stock market tanking and the virus spreading to the point that it’s now officially a pandemic it’s hard not to be concerned.


There are lots of jokes out there but as the disease spreads it’s increasingly hard to get a good giggle. Still it does happen now and again. Thanks John! If you couldn’t laugh you’d cry by now!

We hadn’t done any special shopping until today when a trip to the Nestle company store was planned. As retirees we have the privilege to shop there and go once ever six weeks or so to stock up on dog food for my baby boy. Usually the big boys get some treats too like, cookie dough, coffee, coffee creamer, chocolate drinks and Maggi sauce and seasoning. Today I pushed the boat out a bit further getting two giant bags of dog food and two big bags of Scooby snacks.


Since the NESQUIK chocolate milk is aseptically packed it can be kept for weeks without refrigeration. The lad will love it too because it’s the new extra high protein variety. Great for post work out!!


Just in case we might have to stay home for a while some good coffee, industrial scale chili and half a dozen cans each of good old fashioned evaporated and sweetened condensed milk made their way home too.

All hail to the security of a panty popping with processed products!

You, make that I, can only imagine the delights that canned milk will be transformed into if they aren’t needed for emergency ration!


They’ll be a few flans and chocolate caramel squares and fudge and toffees a cooking. Of course that can’t happen till we pass the panic. Oh and of course till I’m back on the sweeties and treaties!

Blessing # 633 – Shelf Stable Foods

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