BOOM – Lent 16

All of us are worried by the spread of the coronavirus. It’s like a really bad dream we’re hoping will be over soon.

In the space of just two hours this morning we got emails from a spectrum of contacts sharing details of postions, policies and actions. We appreciate them all.

Today I had to go to CVS pharmacy to pick up Krishna’s prescription and I can tell you I was hoping there wouldn’t be a line of people waiting with me. There wasn’t. The store was almost empty.

What a coward, how trivial compared to all on the front line who are facing this head on every day all day.


Those working in hospitals and nursing homes, those who go into the homes of the elderly each day as carers and of course the emergency response teams are all so brave and selfless.

Most of us will have family or friends in these professions. The list is long when you reflect on who is caring for us. There are nurses, doctors, radiographers, dentists, pharmacists, home helps, nursing aids, ambulance drivers, cleaners, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, police and clergy. No doubt I’ve forgotten many others.

If you are like us you can put at least one face that you love to each of these professions.

What on earth must it be like for them each day and for their very nears and dears.

What can we do for them? LISTEN! Respect and do what they recommend!

Blessing # 634 – Health Heroes

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