BOOM – Lent 17

This afternoon we had more updates on the coronavirus from Ohio. There are now thirteen confirmed cases in a population of eleven and a half million.


The fact that the Governor is holding these daily briefings is so reassuring. It is particularly good that he does this with the state medical officer Dr Amy Acton.

Dr Acton is so clear in her communication helping us all understand the situation. Today she was outstanding explaining how epidemiologists can predict how the disease will evolve. Based on today’s numbers they think the peak will come mid April to early May for us. It really reinforces the need to treat this as something unlike anything we have seen before and to act now.


She used an analogy of the Swiss Cheese to explain how placing multiple hurdles in place can help mitigate the spread and impact of the disease. Each step is significant. So each of us must listen and do what is asked. If we put enough hurdles in place we will minimize the risk of the virus making its way through the holes.


A little later in the afternoon President Trump and Vice President Pence held a briefing to declare a National Emergency. With a large contingent of leaders from government and industry this broad spectrum of collaboration with groups like Roche, CVS, Labcore and Quest all standing and working together is again very reassuring.

This is not the time to point fingers. Rather it’s a time for even the strongest competitors to pull together and focus on the common good.

This image my friend Lorraine posted today speak volumes. Each of us has a role to play!

Blessing # 635 – Transparency

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