BOOM – Lent 18

Today we had our Kairos advisory council meeting. We were a smaller group than usual just ten in a large room.

We took all recommended precautions: practiced safe distancing, hand washing, no touching and cleaning the surfaces with Lysol. It was an important meeting. We had to decide how to handle the next weekend in the prison that for obvious reasons has had to be postponed.

Kairos means Gods Time so we approached our challenge with this in mind.


When we left the meeting before noon it had started to snow. The sort of snow you hope for on Christmas Eve. Big fat flakes that stick beautifully to the trees but not the road. It’s still going strong.

We might have wished for this earlier in the year but now that it’s here we know that so too is spring. It won’t stick around for long.


Made me think of that beautiful Vanessa Williams song Saved The Best for Last.


Just like the virus many of the most important things in life can’t be seen until we are ready to seek and to find them!

Blessing # 636 – Perfect Timing

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