BOOM – Lent 19

Such a strange yet special Sunday.

Our bishop in Central Ohio recommended a few days ago that for a few weeks our services be online rather than in person. 

Back home in Northern Ireland the Bishop had also suggested that services be streamed for those who were concerned about attending Church in person.


So it was that before even washing my face but with a coffee and croissant in hand and my little Scooby beside me we watched Rev Mervyn Jamison live from Ballylesson Co Down.


It was a joy to see that familiar Church and hear the congregation and to feel so close to those I love. The closing hymn was my Dads favorite Be Though My Vision which brought a little tear to my eye as he and my Mum are resting in that very Church yard.

After « Church » I had to make a run to the homeless shelter. Aaron had come back from work at Panera last night with a huge amount of goodies. It almost covered our kitchen island. I’m so glad we have a home for it and that Panera are kind enough to give it to a good cause.

For the past two Saturdays there were were no leftovers so when the big burly guy on the desk at the shelter saw me today his comment was « y’all back then ». I took it that it was his way of saying he’d missed us!

Hope y’all will be back to normal soon in the meantime prayers for all especially those leading us on this strange and scary journey.

Blessing # 637 – Good Shepherds

2 Replies to “BOOM – Lent 19”

  1. Glad all is well. I got bavk yesterday from cruising in New Zealand. It was really lovely and warm. The trip was smooth but crowded. Now I am self isolating to protect my loved ones in case I was infected. I came via LAX and it was very
    Smooth nothing like the news on Kenndy or Chicago.

    Keep well


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