BOOM – Lent 20

The primary elections are a very big deal in the USA. Ohio’s was scheduled for tomorrow. Just a few minutes ago our Governor announced this is postponed.

Concerns for the well being of all means there will be no in person voting tomorrow, voting by mail will be offered and the Election Day will end June 2.

This is just the last example of the brave and wise decisions this Governor has taken. Yesterday across the media he was recognized nationally for his swift actions.

On the surface he looks like a quiet Grandfatherly guy. Small of stature and gently spoken who knew that under the surface lies was a man of steel.

With time on my hands I got to cleaning and pricing some items for the store. One of these was a piece of porcelain. It looked a bit dirty and was a dull beige color.


A good rub with detergent on a toothbrush soon revealed that this little darling had been through the wars. It must have lived for years in a home full of smoke but within a short time it was glorious.


You never do know what you’ll find under pressure. As my Mother often said « never judge a book by its cover »

Blessing # 638 – What Lies Beneath

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