BOOM – Lent 22

This epidemic is advancing so fast it’s hard not to be afraid. All day I’ve been feeling guilty about going out to buy those flowers and beer yesterday. After all they were hardly what you’d class essentials.

Last week seems light years away. Just one statistic to reinforce the point: in Ohio at the beginning of the month there were 6500 applications for unemployment benefits today the number is 78000 that’s a ten fold increase.

Our friends Paul and Winnie who live in Hong Kong have been giving us hope though that if we act fast with radical measures this virus can be contained.

Where they live things are slowly getting back to normal. They even had some Saint Patrick’s Day festivities. Hong Kong, scared by SARS in 2001, acted super fast. They closed schools, implemented strict quarantine and most importantly the population complied with hygiene and distancing recommendations.

Such message are so encouraging. Knowing that tough measures pay off is something the media should cover more. Maybe a pipe dream but it could gives us all a boost.


Its helps too to see how public figures like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been touched by the virus and about their recovery.

When well known people walk the talk on social distancing and isolation it helps everyone.

On the NBC Today show several anchors had come into contact with a person who has tested positive. They are all now working from home. This includes the  famous weatherman Al Roker, that most people who have visited the USA will know. For the past two days he broadcast from his kitchen


This morning things had further developed. Savannah Guthrie the lead anchor was also at home because she had a sore throat and sniffles. From her basement she  interviewed the surgeon general of the USA Dr Jerome Adams who was quick to commend her for her wisdom in staying home.


Many in the food industry were congratulated today for all they are doing for us in producing, distributing, stocking the shelves and making sure we all have we need to enjoy our meals at home.

Aaron is still working too he just left for his shift. While restaurants and bars are closed Panera is still open because they offer takeaway. Maybe in days to come takeaway too will be considered a luxury and pulled but for now it’s something I can imagine those on the front line appreciate when they do get off their grueling work!

Blessing # 640 – Fast Food Fixers

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