BOOM – Lent 23

Our Scooby is living the dream. His old Ma can’t sleep much longer than the usual alarm time so she’s up before six.

By eight she has had that much coffee she’s all fired up but has no Zumba because the gym is closed.

Result? The new normal is now Mega walks. There’s no end to Scooby stamina. He’ll trot for ever.

Seems like every dog in the neighborhood is feeling the same. Cats may not be so happy!


There are so many more puppies out there emerging from who knows where. Means lots of overtime for sniffing sensors!

There’s also a chance to play a bit and try to catch the guys in front so Ma also gets a bit of interval speed walking training.


The outcome of all this? Muck! So the call has been made spring haircut tomorrow a first for fluffy!

Blessing # 641 – Lightening a Load

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