BOOM – Lent 24

It’s official. Spring has sprung. The calendar, whatever type it may be, has turned the page!

Miraculously my first daffodil gave me joy by choosing today to bloom.

Other events take place in spring including trips to shed the winter mane. Poor Aaron didn’t luck out they closed the barbers before he got there. So with the prospect that they may not open for weeks he let his Ma get out the scissors.

A lot was chopped and it’s far from perfect but at least when he has his work cap on it’s all covered.

Not to be outdone fluffy had his first ever trip to the groomers just incase they too shut up shop soon.

This morning he looked ready to rock and roll, This afternoon he looks like a totally different puppy.

He looks more like a newsreader than a head banger and must have lost pounds! Certainly he is a fine lean and muscular specimen with all that fleece gone perhaps a bit of Greyhound lie in his genes!

He doesn’t even seem to be the same color anymore. His little eyes and nose are still the same though and he smells so very sweet. Definitely he won this round.


Look out Aaron I’ll get the shears out next time!

Blessing 642 – Lighter and Lighter

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