BOOM – Lent 25


Last night one of our Tuesday Morning Group sent out a plea for bread donations. Her friend works in a soup kitchen that serves people who live rough in Columbus. They were struggling to provide the standard fare of sandwiches because bread donations had dried up.

We had a fresh sandwich loaf, some hotdog buns and some week old beef burger buns so we were in good shape to donate. There was no need to worry though.

Aaron returned from work with a surprising haul. Usually it’s a load of pastries but by divine intervention last night it was BREAD! Not your usually square sandwich stuff but a whole variety of continental styles from baguettes to ciabatta and rye!

Scooby helped with the delivery this morning. He was acting as my lookout with this treasured cargo. You never know when there might be an ambush!

After we dropped the bread off we had a real treat. On the river road we saw a whole flock of herons. It was such a sight there was at least a dozen of them. We stopped the car but the close of the door frightened the most of them off so we only got a pick of a couple!


There must had been something very special at that point in the river to attract them. A good spot perhaps to cast a line in summer!

Now here’s the funny thing! You won’t believe what the term for a flock of herons is! A SIEGE!! How appropriate is that!

Blessing # 643 – Loaves & Fishing

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