BOOM – Lent 26

Our state will join several others at midnight tomorrow implementing a Stay at Home order. Only essential services and businesses will be open. We can still go for a walk provided we maintain a six foot distance and we can shop for essential groceries, medicine and take home food.

Please do not misunderstand. This is not a complaint and not a hardship. We are blessed with many comforts and we absolutely must do this to play our part in supporting all the brave souls on the frontline fighting this war.

It is simply beyond imagination that this is happening but we all know it is and we are frightened.

Krishna our nephew posted something yesterday that struck me and gave me a big eye opener. Issac Newton discovered gravity when he forced to stop his regular work and go into quarantine because of bubonic plague.

Here in the states we see tremendous innovation already starting. Hanes the underwear manufacturers are starting to make medical masks. Pernod Riccard factories are already shipping hand sanitizers that they made in their liquor lines.

Closer to home as the Antique Mall is closing we started yesterday to move to online sales. It’s a whole new world for me and it certainly gave me a little mental exercise to get some posts going.

Guess what though it was time well spent. In the space of just 25 hours three of my items were sold!

Hardly earth shattering but it sure helps in these gloomy days to see a little raw of sunshine!

Blessing # 644 – Illumination

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