BOOM – Lent 27


With the start of a new week many are working from home. Have you been hanging around in sloppy clothes this weekend like me? When you’re going no where there’s no incentive to glam up.

This morning with the gloom outside the only thing to do was jazz life up with some of the brightest and colorful clothes.

Our Scooby needs a boost too. He’s looking sharp with his new hairdo but he’s not himself. He seems a bit down since his change of look. Krishna reckons it’s nothing to do with his haircut it’s that he senses our mood and that things aren’t normal.

All the walking may also be taking its toll. These past few days he’s sleeping a lot more too.

Seems he’s not alone my friend Shinjie’s dog is feeling it too.

She shared this photo with me this morning and it made me laugh. Hope these fur babies adventures bring a little smile to your faces too!

This little funny Patricia sent says it so well our puppies are even more precious than ever. 

Blessing # 645 – Dog Days

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