BOOM – Lent 28


This morning I was filing my nails! The file I was using was one my bestie Lorraine had given me in my Christmas stocking.

This got me thinking of all the things around that I see everyday that trigger a thought about the bestie who gifted it.

There’s a lovely labrador that hangs on a Chinese cabinet that Carol gave when Darcy was alive so it’s at least twelve years old.


Next to the cabinet sits a chair with a cushion Laura gave me this past Christmas. It’s a hand painted scene of Ireland. Laura said it reminded her of our trip together there ten years ago!

Into the bedroom and there’s a candle from Dolores that I’ve never lit because it smells so good!


On the little chest in the bathroom where earrings live are two little ducks from Phyllis.

Inside the chest are gifts from Carol, Lorraine, Tjin and Flora that are all worn regularly.

Onto the kitchen and into the cupboard where we get our cereal bowl each morning we find the baking kit from Patricia with cookie cutters for our Petit Biscuits de Noel!  

All these are seen daily. Reminders of loved ones. They may not be by our side but they are always present in our hearts.

Blessing # 646 – Looking at Love

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