BOOM – Lent 30

Those who are working so hard on our behalf on the front lines must be feeling exhausted. Those of us sitting at home have probably more energy than we’ve had in years. Never in the time we’ve lived here have we seen so many people out walking, running and cycling. Everyone is very friendly with a smile and greeting and even a chat but all at safe distance.

We live close to a large Dam called Alum Creek that has a lovely beach so Scooby got lucky getting his first trip there with Aaron and me yesterday. He enjoyed it so much Aaron took him back today.

While they were away Krishna did bills and I watched a great movie called The Green Book. It won the best picture Oscar a few years ago and introduced me to a genius I’d never heard of Don Shirley. Bottom line if you haven’t seen it watch this movie it’s wonderful.


To keep the old fingers busy while watching I decided to crochet using all my old scraps of wool.

I wasn’t sure what I’d produce as it’s hard to say with scraps how far they’ll go. Turned out I’d enough for a hat.

It is hardly an Easter bonnet, more like a tea cosy really, but it’s a colorful way to  keep ears warm.

Reminds me too of something our famous Belfast Pantomime Dame Ms May McFetteridge might wear!

Blessing # 648 – Stars of Stage & Screen

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