BOOM – Lent 31


Many people seem to be baking these days. Probably those lovely smells help the mood and for sure beating up a batter or banging up a dough gets rid of tension.

With Aaron working at Panera we have absolutely no need for bread or any tempting baked goods but the need to knead was great.

Dumpling Day! 
If you have kids at home these are something you could do together. Even our Aaron was induced to help me.


Making the dough is just flour and water and lots of stress relief. Hit it hard! Beat the daylights out of it!
When it’s sticking together let it rest for a couple of hours.

The filling can be sausage you’ve bought or you can make something yourself like we did. We tossed some onion, cabbage, celery, chili and leftover ham into a blender. When it looks all mushy and revolting put it in the fridge and have a rest.

After a couple of hours get your dough out and thump it again. Now have fun. Roll it and cut it like your making cookies. This is easy to work and the kids will have a ball. Just as good as play dough.

The really good and most messy bit comes next. You gotta stuff those little circles and stick them together.

Once you have a good pile ready heat some oil in the pan and fry them till they start to stick.

If they don’t work you’ve lost nothing more than a little of that spare time and a few cups of flour!

If they do work you’ll have had some fun and some yum too!

Blessing # 649 – Kneading Comfort

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