BOOM – Lent 32

My sweet friend Mary is a great bird lover. She finds and regularly post amazing photos of feathered friends and this morning’s was no exception, Lappet Faced Vultures!

They look so funny and immediately made me think of that 1970s feel good song by Rufus Thomas The Funky Chicken.

Of course it stuck in my head and I had to look it up and do a little jig along. Maybe something to teach the kids and get the groove going!


In the UK a comedy trio called The Goodies took this song and made it their own. It became the Funky Gibbon. Look that one up if you want something even sillier.

It is just amazing how a song like this can stick. Today a recent one The Baby Shark is being put to good use to teach little kids about hand washing.

Everything becomes so much easier if you make it fun! Oh yeh Mary you got it!

Blessing # 650 – Cheery Tunes

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