BOOM – Lent 33

Scooby had a hot date with one of his girlfriends this morning at 10:00. We walked with her parents for an hour and a half.

While we were out Krishna decided he’d do some cooking. Those of you who know his culinary skills will be jealous.

There was little left in the fridge so he made do with what was on the shelf. Fear not! The man can take something as simple as a can of salmon and transform it into a glory Gordon Ramsay would be proud of.

With Aaron leaving for work at 3:30 he cooked two up for him just now. It’s like having a smelly preview of what awaits.

He owes me though! He ran out of whiskey last night so I made a run to the store to replenish his stock. Think there is almost as much alcohol on the outside of that bottle as there is inside after all the post purchase sterilization.

You never can be too careful though just can’t take a risk with the maestro!

Blessing # 651 – Give and Take

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