BOOM – Lent 34

Today is National Doctors Appreciation Day. In this time of ICU intensity and social distancing never has this been more relevant

As she does every day at two pm Dr Amy Acton the Head of the Ohio Department of Health stood beside our Governor to update us on the current status of the virus’s progression in our state.

Over the past month Dr Acton has become a superhero for us all. She works day and night to plan and strategize on our behalf to flatten the curve for Ohio. It would seem all her efforts are paying off.


She has a huge following with a Facebook fan club that grows by the minute. When I joined on Saturday there were 79000 members today there are 91000!

The site is full of photos and videos reinforcing the messages she sends to us all. Many of these come from little kids pretending to be her. There are street art renditions and even curve flattening cookies 


What an inspiration and what confidence this wonderful women instills. We trust her words and when she says I am not afraid I am determined we believe her!

Blessing # 652 – White Coat Hero’s

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