BOOM – Lent 35

Today we had to complete the census. As we’ve moved around so much we’ve only ever done this once before as a married couple and that was in 2000.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then but some things never change. Scooby and I experienced one of these constants today: the return of the swallows!

We went up to the park for our walk and while we stopped to watch the geese and ducks courting two swallows flew past.

It’s hard to catch them in a photo as they move so fast but we got one to warm your heart!


Seeing them always reminds me of my Dad who took great joy in their arrival each year in Ireland and also of Thomas Hardy’s short poem Weathers.

This little park is just starting to come alive again. It was dull today but in a few weeks they’ll be wild flowers, ducklings and goslings a go go and each day will bring new signs of spring and hope.

Blessing # 653 – Promises Kept

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