BOOM – Lent 36

My Christmas cactus is refusing to give up its season but Spring is in full bloom in Northern Ireland. Carol sent me some beautiful pics yesterday of flowers in her garden.

There are primula and daisies and a magnificent camellia too. The colors are fabulous and so bright.

We’re a few weeks behind here in Ohio but the daffodils are out and the hyacinths too. Even the herbs have decided to say “we’re back


This year one variety of daffodil we have looks a bit like an orchid. It’s colors remind me of primroses.

When we were young girls Carol’s Mum and Dad had a car mine didn’t. During the Easter holidays they’d take us from the heart of the city where we lived into the country. We’d be let loose to run around and often went hunting for primroses in the hedgerows.

We’d make little posies of these pretty flowers and put them into a button hole or if we found enough brought home as tiny bouquets that we put in a milk bottle.

In recent years with so many options for amusement I’m not sure if kids still do such things maybe this year they will!

Blessing # 654 – Primary Colors

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