BOOM – Lent 37

What a beautiful spring day we had here in Ohio. The blossoms started to peep out on the trees and the contrast with the lush green grass and blue sky is perfect.


Scooby and I had a good walk with my girlfriend Lori. It’s so refreshing to chat with a chum.

Lori gave me a lovely pink hyacinth that has a terrific sent and is now safely settling at home beside the poinsettia she’d given us at Christmas.

She is one of those people who is full of fun. She has boundless energy and can make you laugh with a joke about even the most serious things.

Everywhere we went kids had been busy on driveways or on doors and windows making colorful signs of hope. One summed up our morning and my friend so well!


Just a few minutes later by the pond look what we found!

Think we know her name!

Blessing # 655 – Jokes and Joy

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