BOOM – Lent 38

Psychologist say that structuring the day is helpful if opportunities for diversions are limited.

Our day revolves around baby Scooby as the big lad has turned his circadian rhythm completely upside down and only emerges from his man cave in the basement around midday.

Scooby gets me up early, we have our brekkie, watch TODAY, have a quick spruce up and then have a major choice to make.

Do we start with the one mile, two mile or three mile circuit and most importantly do we go clockwise or counterclockwise!

When we return Dad is up and we do a bit of cleaning. We’ve discovered a great new crud buster. As Lysol wipes were out of stock we had to resort to a spray. It promises to kill 99.9% of all critters and it smells so so so good!

When scary stuff has been removed from key surfaces it’s time for the second round of food.

The lunchtime sandwich has been replaced with something requiring chopping. Helps the nerves and gets a few more antioxidants into the system. With the six foot rule we’ve no problem these days with bunging in even more garlic and onions than usual and have discovered a new trick for ginger that works real good.

Peel the whole ginger root as soon as you bring it home and then cut it into cubes. Freeze the cubes and then when you need some just whip out one cube. It shaves just like soft ice. Magic! Bet you’ll eat more if you do this too!

Food done, it’s time for round two of walking maybe with a friend, then back to watch the Governor.

The rest of the afternoon is hardly hectic! Perhaps some siesta time or snuggles on the sofa followed by checking up on status of nears and dears. Yesterday we pushed the boat out though and took a little spin in the car. We drove a whole forty minutes to Newark the Ohio State campus where Aaron will go to college this fall. It felt like we were on vacation especially as the town was so empty it looked like a movie set!

Scooby has his dinner around 4:30 and then we head out for round three of sniffing the mailboxes.


When we return we prep dinner, have drinkies with dishy Lester Holt, eat some more and watch any TV other than CNN. 

Boring? So far not so! We’re feeling fresh as daisies in our own little pack!

Blessing # 655 – Dogs Life

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