BOOM – Lent 39

Don’t you think all the leaders worldwide must be feeling very tired? The pressure they are under must be tremendous yet the media often seems to relish picking holes in everything they say.

It can’t be easy to handle something that we’ve never experienced before in our lifetime. You gotta feel sorry for them. Many are no spring chickens. Just can’t believe their stamina!

The story of the face mask is a case in point. It’s true there has been a change in CDC recommendations but what is better implement change and admit we’re learning or doing nothing at all?

The thing that many of us value most in a leader is honesty. It instills trust. We don’t mind if a leader says they have changed their position or even that they have made a mistake provided they don’t lie to us.

It’s sad and oppressive to see that even at this time of crisis there still seems to be so much finger pointing going at the highest levels. We need to see leaders working together. To build confidence they, like our Scooby have to show they have our safety at heart and have ever door and window covered for us!

Blessing # 656 – Loving Leaders 

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