BOOM – Lent 40

Each day as well as checking the Coronavirus news from the UK a check on Krishna’s homeland India is called for.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems such a fine man. He is caring and courageous. Recently he has had to take some radical steps to limit the spread of COVID including a 21 Day lock down of this huge country of 1.3 Billion.


His government has pledged to feed the many millions of migrant workers hired by the day or hour. Many multinational Indian companies like the Tata’s have made huge contributions to support him.

The migrants are frighten though and many have tried to get home to their villages some walking for days to find their Social Security.

This morning I came across an article from the BBC. Take the time to read it and watch the videos. It seems balanced and thoughtful.

Some of the pictures especially those of the old people are heartbreaking.

How can any of us complain? 

It’s normal that we are all concerned about this virus and its potential impact on those we love and on our own community.

As we enter Holy Week perhaps it’s a good time though to reflect once more on « Who Is My Neighbor? »

From afar what can we do? Truthfully I do not know!

If a virus can spread so fast then why can’t support for men like Modi who may make a difference for many many millions more!

Blessing # 657– Moving India

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