BOOM – Lent 42

Today Krishna, Scooby and I had a little jaunt into the countryside.

Nestle Pensions had sent from Switzerland their annual request to provide evidence we are still breathing. The proof we’re alive has to be validated by a notary.

Usually it’s easy. You run round the corner to your local bank and get this done but many of the banks have closed their lobbies already.

Fortunately the bank where we have our account is one of those still open for notarizing documents but only until Thursday. It’s half an hour’s drive from where we live so a good excuse for an outing! Off we went.

Driving cross country with fields all around we saw lots of signs of new growth with our first crops of winter wheat advancing well. The farmers have been busy ploughing too and soon the soy and corn will be planted to fill the huge silos of these thousand acre ranches.

Since there weren’t many cars on the road we were able to stop and take a few pics including one of a flock of local vultures having lunch on a squashed squirrel!

They are impressive but nothing to fear if you’re accompanied by  fearless warriors

Felt like the good olde Wild West!

Blessing # 659 – Scooby & a Bandit

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