BOOM – Lent 43

This morning wearing a fetching little bandana it was time to make a run to Aldi for some fresh foods.

The staff at Aldi are doing such a great job. Someone was standing outside the store cleaning all the shopping cart handles.

At the checkout careful markings showed where to line up and the cashiers were distanced from shoppers by plexiglass.

Just in front of me was a lady in her late sixties or early seventies. A young store assistant who was stacking shelves asked her very politely to move to another check out point. He explained he’d be right there to open up to help her.

She began to make her move when out of nowhere a man, most likely her husband, arrived from behind. He starting yelling at her asking why she was moving, was she stupid and to get back in line.

Well she gave him as good as she got and quite honestly it looked there might be a real fight with fisticuffs. Too much time together?

Eventually he moved out of the way and sat huffing at the packing deck. She checked out but once she’d paid the whole battle began again when they were packing things up. A symptom perhaps of current circumstances let’s hope it for better back home!

Most admirable in the whole  incident was how calmly the young man on the check our handled all this. He just carried on like it happened every day.

The funniest thing though was how those of us observing all this reacted. Each masked we had to resort to eyes and eyebrows to let each other know that this was absolutely the last thing anyone might have expected from this little Darby and Joan who needless to say were unmasked!


Blessing # 660 – Shopping Alone

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