BOOM – Lent 44

Scooby is earning a reputation as a star step instructor. He has had three appointments already today and is definitely a little hero willing to walk at six feet distance with his human clients at anytime. Essential service!!!

Of course he needs to recover from all these work out sessions so snoozing is essential. Today I got a little video of him and you can see he’s trying so hard to keep his eyes open but just can’t stop nodding off! He is certainly not alone.


A few days ago we got an invitation to join a Facebook group of families who had adopted from the Canine Collective. Of course we joined and discovered so many other tiny trainers.

They all share one thing in common they will do anything to keep their humans fit! Tireless and tired out!


One very special little puppy we reconnected with was Scooby’s kennel mate from Texas. He was called Oreo when he bunked with Scooby and they were besties maybe even related who knows.

Regardless when all this home based workout is over we plan a big reunion and lots of partying.

In the meantime we are enjoying our togetherness!

# 661 – Weighted Blankets

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