BOOM – Lent 45


Many of you might have had plans for the holiday. Some may have been heading to the beach or taking a flight to warmer climes. Instead you are staying home. Many are enjoying that prospect just as much as me.


The Easter egg hunts will be in our own homes or gardens instead of parks. Big celebrations in restaurants will be replaced with dinner in our little nuclear families and for sure for those who can afford it there will be even more focus on feasting.
Yesterday Yale University’s Professor of Happiness was on TODAY giving tips on how to stay cool when things might get a little tricky or sad. 


Someone snuggled up on my lap follows these rules to the tee.

We have so much to learn about thankfulness and simplicity. Will we forget this time when it’s over or will it drive a change for good?

The surgeon general Admiral Adams just reported that the high rate of COVID19 infection among African American is « alarming ».

On this day when we remember the crucifixion of Jesus let us pray that this Good Friday will be a historic turning point and the beginning of the end for hunger, poverty and discrimination.

Blessing # 662 – Sacrifice

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