BOOM – Lent 46

46 Days without a sweetie or savory snack and what a 46 days it’s been. Unlike any other and destined for the history books!

We’ve had a lot more to worry about than loosing seven pounds. Just for the record though not an ounce was lost. Given the circumstances though with no zumba or gym maybe not such a bad result! None gained either!

Heaven knows where the needle might be if cookies, crisps and chocolates were not off limits.

The urge to eat sweets has not left me at all so tomorrow there will be a fiesta of decadence.

A hankering for hot cross buns overtook me during the past week. Of course they can’t be found for love nor money so baking from scratch is the only option. Never made anything with yeast before so today is a first.

Made a few mistakes along the way but the dirty dozen are now in the fridge for their second proofing overnight. We’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Let is hope we can say that they as well as “He” is Risen!

Blessing # 663 – Sweeties Slumber

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