BOOM – Easter


Instead of getting up and dressed in our Easter best we lazed around in casual clothes and drank loads of coffee.

We went to the park, cut daffodils from the yard and then watched Church in the kitchen while we baked our buns in the oven.

There were lots of texts and messages coming and going from family and friends. Many more than on any other Easter Day.

One was especially lovely little Luna greeting her baby brother Ben born yesterday. 

Aaron had surprised us with two big chocolate eggs and we gave him a few surprises too with a little treasure hunt for eggs and bunnies that we hadn’t done since he was little

Everything is at a slower pace but we are more connected and focused on LOVE and the meaning of the day than ever before.

With our tummies full we are listening along with some two million others to Andrès Bocelli direct from Milan


That’s one very special treat speaking of which it’s just about time to bust a bunny!

Blessing # 664 – Making Fun

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