Wagging Tail – 1

A happening today made me think looking at life from Scooby’s perspective could be fun. So here goes. Let us know if you like it.

Ma and me had a good walk this morning I wanted to go further but she dragged me home as she smelt a thunderstorm. She was right. We dodged a big bullet. Storms don’t frighten me but she gets all edgy so I figured why tug!

We played ball for a while and then she had nice leftovers from yesterday. Even though I snuggled up real close she only gave me the tiniest piece of potato and she dropped nothing. Bummer!

When deciding whether to huff or not her phone started to ping! Good sign! It makes all sorts of noise but this particular one often means shes planning to meet one of her gal pals and these days that means a walk!

Sure enough she got the coat on and off we went again. By now the thunder had past but it was blowing such a gale. It felt so good. That head wind gives you such a workout.

When we turned right it was clear we were going to meet Lori which means we’ll go to the park. It’s so good when these two get together because they never let up talking so it gives me plenty of time to do my own thing sniffing in the woods and spotting squirrels.

All was going well and we were heading home just at the point of parting with Lori when I did a big naughty. I chewed through my retractable leash. Ma gasped and I knew I was in trouble. The freedom was fantastic though!


Off I went with the handle in my mouth and left her with the little bit. She was panicking it was clear so after about one hundred feet I stopped let her catch up a bit and then took off again.

Of course this being one of our favorite routes it was easy to smell my way home. She plodded as fast  as her two little legs would carry her behind me.

When Mrs Postie came past in her van I pulled off into the grass to show I was a smart hound with a clean driving license and totally in control of making wise decisions.

On reaching my own kingdom I lay down and waited for her highness to arrive. Since I wasn’t at all tired I had a great little run around for a while until she gave up on me and left me alone. That was no fun so I slunk in the back door.

After posing for a mugshot it was time to suck up to her again.

After all she is by far the snuggliest    of the lot when you need a snooze.

Blessing #665 – Home and Dry

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