Wagging Tail – 2


My nose is like a gazillion times more sensitive than yours. It’s just the way I’m made and has its advantages and disadvantages.

On the plus side I can sniff out a squirrel at half a mile. Ma can’t understand why this drives me into top gear but she also doesn’t know how musty and magical squirrels smell. It’s like they are crackers, cheese and pickle on steroids. It’s all in their tail too!

One slight disadvantage of my amazing nasal capacity is that it makes me get super excited by certain smells at home. You all don’t realize that apples are profoundly moving especially these Pink Ladies my ma eats.

She noshes into them at least once a day and as I gaze into her eyes I know she’ll crack and give me some. That’s where the problem comes. When she does I drool and then she goes stir crazy.

Today I hit her pretty hard because we’d just come back from the park and I was super hungry.

The worst thing though in recent days is her baking. She has taken to making these things with yeast. I can manage the cookies and cakes she usually does but this yeasty stuff when it’s fermenting is unmanageable. Yesterday it was baguette. Très Française tu dites! That little bit of gas elevates the transmission of those molecules. They hit me with such force on the organ that I could faint. It is bliss!

All this makes me dream like crazy. If noses were muscles I’d be like an elephant!

Just as well I have my stress relief readily at hand! My chewing gum!

Blessing # 666 – Scented Slumber


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