Wagging Tail 4

Mother was in a bad mood today. She had to call the health insurance people because they hadn’t sent her the monthly bill. In this day and age you never know what is round the corner so she is petrified that anything might come between her and full coverage.

She did all that button pushing and answering yes about one hundred times before the endless music started. Eventually she talk to a human who put her on hold. By this time she couldn’t wait any longer as our first walk date of the day had arrived so she hung up. Dad started to shuffle the papers she’d been using and she nearly took the nose of him. Told him if he wanted to clean up he could deal with the big pile of paper junk at the end of the table.

So as always I intervened to diffuse the situation and get her out as quickly as possible.

When we returned she hit the phone again, got the business sorted and then like a demon took to cleaning.

My bro was evicted from the basement and given the vacuum cleaner. She got that kills all known germs stuff out and started the scrubbing. Focus was on the underground which had taken on a well lived in sort of aroma. Must say I’m partial to that smell but she was having none of it. Blankets and sleep suits and all sorts of unmentionables were flying into the washing machine and she was up and down the stairs about a million times.


I got so puffed following her and so dizzy running around in circles after the vacuumer that I puked on the steps. It didn’t help that I’d chewed on grass either.

Thank goodness she hadn’t cleaned there yet or she’d have had my head off.

After that it seemed like a good idea to lie low and avoid her. So I stuck like glue to the brother.

He let me help him with his homework. It was funny though because it looked just like a war was happening. Maybe history!! He’s likes to study that a lot!!!!!


Seems this day was destined for a battle or two. Boring stuff put me right to sleep!

Blessing # 668 – Peace Maker

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