Wagging Tail 5

Our whole routine was turned upside down today. It’s good weather for ducks. Even though they are a bit daft they too seem to have got the six foot rule.

We had to go to the park this morning before the downpours started. Auntie Lori is getting so attached to me that she bought me big bacon bits. As President Bush would have said I love her more than tongue can tell.

It’s so annoying when you have to reschedule things because all those squirrels that expect me to chase them will be so disappointed. There was some compensation though as Ma and I met four deer on the way to the park. One stood very still in the middle of the road and stared at us for a long time we thought it was going to charge us but in the end it turned around and took off.

When we came home I was sorely tempted again by the yeast. This time her highness is making pizza dough. After that there was not much to do except lazing around.

I’m in such good company when it comes to vegging. Talk about a role model! My bro’s the best!

Thank goodness he’s back to life again. We did some boxing, then he used me for weight training before we got to the rope work.

Things could always be worse!

Blessing #669 – Sun Tomorrow

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