Wagging Tail – 7


Since Ma is back on the sweeties the All Bran was forsaken for a big cinnamon bun. She shared with me of course and it was so yummy especially that white stuff on top. It sorta sticks to the roof of your mouth like peanut butter and gives you a value for money experience.

It gave me the energy boost needed too to do the morning trot. I was really still worn out from yesterday’s adventures.

We came home on time to watch online Church. It stopped just when we were getting to the good bit though. Ma thought it must be our internet so she went to the basement to turn it off and on.

While she was down there these big blue bones hit her in the eye. She brought them up and since Church didn’t start again she took to tempting me with them. She stuck on her favorite songs and started holding these bones over her head. Well better them than me. I just lay low until she collapsed with them beside me.


After that the bro emerged and we decided we’d watch a movie together. They are trying to educate him on Hitchcock so we watched The Birds. Very far fetched. Those birds don’t look real at all. Stupid ending too! Much better to watch the real ones out our window!

Don’t think Ma was too impressed either. Could explain why were having fried chicken for dinner!

Blessing # 671 – Tenders is Tonight

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